Local Business Owners

Get More Customers Fast With Our Local Business Website System

We have been working closely with hundreds of local businesses to not only have a professional website that massively raises the bar over their competition. But also, helps you get found in your area, helping you to grow your business faster than ever.

How our Local Business Websites are helping businesses just like yours to get new customers every day!

Professional High End Web Design

Our Local Business Websites are designed to an extremely high standard. It will set you apart from your local competitors to make sure that you stand out as the best choice. We will carry through your branding and your identity to make sure you can get more customers.

Helping You Get Found In Your Area

It’s all well and good having the perfect website that will wow your customers and make them want to spend money with you. But if they can’t find you how will they know that you’re the best choice for them? We help you to make sure if people are looking for what you have to offer. They will find you!

A System We Know That Works

We’ve been building websites for 14 years. And have been studying marketing and what works and what doesn’t over the years. We have found the winning formula to make sure that your website appeals to your potential customers.

Take a look at some of our super happy clients

“The service we have received has been amazing

Odin Media have been helping us to design our new website and we are extremely happy! The service we have received has been amazing, Michael has worked on an initial design that we liked but we have also added changes based on his experience and knowledge.

We purchased a package with him which has been great value for money but also reassuring to know we have that ongoing support needed for any small business that is trying to grow.

Michael is a pleasure to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Lucy Gaitskell

Rolcor Property

“The problems I used to come up against are now solved in minutes, not days.

Firstly, Odin media’s work has helped me rank on the 1st page of google for a specific search term, despite not making that specific page accessible through the website. It’s laid out well, looks nice, works to collect new leads and loads up in seconds.

Ultimately building the website on my own was always a mammoth task, which I’ve done in the past, mainly because I couldn’t get anyone I trusted. Big mistake really.

I had to spend hours researching, following youtube videos and decide on what plugins to use. And that took a tonne of time.

The amount of evenings I spent banging my head off the keyboard was crazy. I swear I aged 5 years!!”

Phill Thomson

Gorilla Freak

“Incredible Support

Odin Media have been my web team for several years and the support is unrivaled. If I need anything changing or updating they action my requests really fast. The Wesbite design is incredible and I am constantly getting compliments on the website and how professional it looks. This really helps to support my business and allows me to stand above the other clubs in the area.”

Gurmare Singh

Tigerstyle Sports Karate

A True Return On Your Investment

We have seen it time and time again. A local business struggles to gain customers as they have tried to put together a website themselves (Time that could be spent improving the business – working with more customers – Or promoting elsewhere) struggling with the tech and once they manage to finish building it. It not only doesn’t look good which doesn’t reflect the quality of the business but also can’t be found by anyone. Or they pay someone a small fee to try and cobble something together for them.

Either way this can be a costly error for their business. This will either effect the amount of time they have or just be a waste of funds. Meaning their website has just cost them money instead of being a wise investment.

Unfortunately, many web designers really don’t understand marketing or SEO. So you can’t be found. And even if you are the website isn’t built in a way to convert potential customers into actual paying customers. We have seen this happen to a large number of businesses. But we are hoping to change this for the better! So if you’re wanting to make sure this doesn’t happen to you and you want to make a positive investment in your business. You know what you need to do!

Local Business Website Care Plans

We created our Local Business Website Care Plans with one main focus

We want to help local businesses to acquire new customers with a quality high end website that is visible and importantly affordable for local businesses. To allow us to provide help and support to you every step of the way while you grow your business.

Our 3 Step Local Business Website Plan


Arrange a call with one of our local business website experts

Click the button to arrange a call with one of our experts. On the call we will talk with you about your business and ask you a few simple questions about your business. How your business operates, and how to get more customers through your doors.


We design and build your new customer generating website

We will take the information that you have given to us on the call and get to work putting together an amazing website that will get you more customers. We will give you access to a document that asks you all the right questions so we can make sure your voice and identity shines through the website copy for your business.


Website launch and continued growth and support

Once we have everything in place we will set your new website live. We will give you a guide on how to access support from us moving forwards as our care team is here to look after your website and to support you and the growth of your business.