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ODIN Media is a Contemporary,
Full-Service Digital Agency

Nowadays, having an online presence isn’t a choice – it’s a necessity.

But that doesn’t mean you can throw any old site up on the web and then sit back while the money rolls in.

Those days of easy glory are long gone – and what used to be a peaceful landscape is now a digital battlefield, where war is waged for the attention of the masses.

It may “only” be commerce, but make no mistake – it’s also the clashing of shields, the ringing of sword against sword, and the gut-wrenching cries of the wounded.

To the left, the ground lies strewn with ambitious businesses that couldn’t keep up…

To the right, a burning pyre crackles with the remains of those who never made the leap… and saw their revenue evaporate as the masses moved online.

And in front, your competition: Weapons drawn, muscles taut… and eyes on you.

So it’s a damned good thing you have ODIN on your side!

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“I was always confused with what I needed to do to get my website get up and running properly.  I found myself engulfed in dozens of websites which all had a slightly different ways of doing things.

Whilst I attempted to fix all of my technical issues I spent less time working on my actual business.  I’m not technically minded so I was trying to learn everything from scratch.

I was going back and forth between different websites, plugins and advice about how to build my membership site which ended up costing me not just time but money as well.

Eventually I came across Michael and Odin who stopped me wasting any more time and told me exactly what I needed to do to get my membership site working effectively.

They took all the work off my shoulders and finished it quicker than I could ever imagine which allowed me to focus on my business and start making money again.

I honestly can’t recommend Odin’s services enough!”

Luke Nevill

Why ODIN Media?

Modern buyers demand a whole lot more from your site than a few nice pictures if they’re going to consider handing you their money – and those demands can change rapidly.

Fall behind, and you’re food for the crows.

Because your website isn’t just a poster on a wall – it’s the home of your entire online presence, and a central part of your marketing force.

If it’s to be worthwhile, it deserves the care, attention and respect that it needs. Otherwise, why bother? Not everyone has the strength to emerge victorious from battle, after all.

But if you’re willing to rise to the fight, we can think of nowhere better to be than at your side.

To ensure you have all openings covered, ODIN’s full service approach brings the combined might of world-class web design, technical know-how, marketing strategy, sales-focused copywriting and proactive, data-driven conversion optimisation right to your front line.

From the ground up, we’ll create or overhaul your entire website – from visual design to messaging, functionality, user experience, conversion readiness and more…

All based on what’s needed to meet your specific business objectives.

And when your new site is ready, we won’t stop there. You’ll also be treated to ongoing, round-the-clock guard as our conversion specialists monitor your new site to locate opportunities for greater performance and higher revenue.

We take care of everything. You just enjoy the spoils.

Just a few of the powers we possess here at ODIN Media

So forget stressing with lesser agencies or flaky one-man-band web developers.

Forget feeling lost and abandoned when the “job” is complete.

And avoid the horrible realisation you’ve been lumped with a useless website after handing over stacks of cash so shocking they’d make Thor himself tremble.

Join forces with ODIN, and feel the power of the Gods at your side.

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