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It’s like having your own tech department

Have you wanted to set up sales funnels, email autoresponders, landing pages and really struggled with getting the page put together? Or linking it all together? How would you like to not get frustrated with the tech side so you can focus purely on the offer? With Odin Media and our VIP Care Plans

First impressions must be perfect

It’s often said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The reality is that most people do and you’ll want to make sure yours ticks all the right boxes. Your website needs to showcase the amazing work that you do and provide. Also it needs to load quickly, no one likes their date to be late the same as no one wants to sit there and wait for your website to load!

Not just a pretty face

Let’s face the facts. If your website only looks nice and has no conversion goals then you’ll get a few admirers sure. But will they take action? Not if there aren’t any clear calls to action. Lead your website with benefits you’re going to provide for your customers and give them easy to follow calls to action like this one…

Free Website Video Review

Fill in the form here and one of our team will do a website review to highlight any issues or quick fixes you can make to gain more conversions through your website and online marketing efforts.

You will get:

  • A 10-15 minute video review of your website
  • Advice on how you can get more leads
  • Simple fixes to what you have already got
  • and more…

Some Of Our Super Happy Clients!


Incredible Support 

Odin Media have been my web team for several years and the support is unrivaled. If I need anything changing or updating they action my requests really fast. The Wesbite design is incredible and I am constantly getting compliments on the website and how professional it looks. This really helps to support my business and allows me to stand above the other clubs in the area.

– Gurmare Tigerstyle Sports Karate & Kickboxing


The problems I used to come up against are now solved in minutes, not days.

Firstly, Odin media’s work has helped me rank on the 1st page of google for a specific search term, despite not making that specific page accessible through the website. It’s laid out well, looks nice, works to collect new leads and loads up in xxxxxx seconds.

Ultimately building the website on my own was always a mammoth task, which I’ve done in the past, mainly because I couldn’t get anyone I trusted. Big mistake really. 

I had to spend hours researching, following youtube videos and decide on what plugins to use. And that took a tonne of time. 

The amount of evenings I spent banging my head off the keyboard was crazy. I swear I aged 5 years!!

– Phill Thompson Gorilla Freak


We are absolutely thrilled with our new website

The brief was followed very closely and we are very happy with the end result. The new site looks clean, smart, professional and runs really efficiently. Thank you Odin Media for all your hard work and effort in producing a great new site for us!

– Amy & Matt Charles Charles Academy of Dance

Our Website Building Process


Discovery and Specification

We will send you an email outlining the next steps with a simple questionaire to fill in then get you to book onto a discovery call with us to run through it with you to make sure we are clear on every element.


Homepage Design

After the discovery call with you and once we have outlined the process and project management with you we will get to work on the homepage design. We will ask for your feedback and once you’re happy with the homepage we will base the other pages on that style.


Website Development

We will now be putting together the site with your content, imagery and branding. Make sure everything is linked up and it will be built on a subdomain so you can see the website live on a test server before we go live with it on your domain.


Going Live

We will be hosting and looking after your website for at least 12 months on our web space. This is to ensure that you have a fantastic launch and any and all updates we need to make can be done quickly and efficiently. 

A few of our Projects

DragonScape Devon

DragonScape Devon is a fantastic landscaping business based in Exeter, Devon. They are leading the field in their area, providing amazing value. Their tagline of “Landscaping Beyond Imagination” is so unbelievably accurate. Their work is stunning!

Tigerstyle Sports Karate

Tigerstyle is an excellent kickboxing and Karate studio based in Exeter, Devon. The club is run by Gurmare Singh. He is an amazing instructor and I was lucky enough to be trained by him for several years and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him and his brilliant club.

Charles Academy of Dance

This is a fantastic dance studio that have been running for 10 years and operate in Crediton, Devon. They have had students go on to win awards and trophies. They teach a large range of students from super young to adults. An Amazing Dance Studio.


Turnkey are a company dedicated to help increasing profit and reducing risk with sustainability software. Primarily working in the financial sectors, supply chains, corporate sustainability and investment opportunities.

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