5 Simple Tweaks To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Website page load speed is one of the most essential things for your WordPress Website. If you want the best chance of increasing conversions from your visitors to actually getting more visitors.

Literally change nothing else apart from increasing the page load speed of your website and you’ll see an increase in traffic and conversions. Based on the stats every one second your website loads quicker increases conversions by 1-10% per second? That’s just madness to ignore that.

Before you go ahead and start putting these things into action. I would do some benchmark tests to see progress you get from these changes. You can do that by jumping over to the following places:




You’ll probably get mixed results from all of these. I would say do the test 3 times on each one and that should give you a pretty solid average.

So here are the 5 things you can do today to get a faster WordPress Website:

1. Super simple download and install WPFastest Cache

(It’s the plugin we love and use) We don’t work on a commission / affiliate basis. The Free version is a great place to start.

(Note: Before installing and using new plugins I would highly recommend doing a backup of your website just in case there are any conflicts between plugins you already have)

Once you install it simply go through and start using the easy to use checkboxes to start minifying code and caching in browsers. The paid version will obviously do more for you but a great place to start is the free one.

2. Image Compression

This can be done in a number of ways. You can do it before uploading the image using a tool like Photoshop. Or if your website is already built and you have a large number of images on the website you can download an image compression plugin that can do it for you.

A good free one that does it in batches is SMUSH. There is a paid version but I don’t feel you need it.

Just by compressing images can make a HUGE impact on your website. Especially if you put no compression and didn’t even scale the image to the right size.

2(a). Image Scaling

This one again if you are doing this manually rather than using a plugin will help a huge amount.

If the image size you’re using on the page is example 600 pixels wide. But you’ve uploaded an image that’s twice as wide. Basically, scale down and crop the image to the size you are actually using on the website.

Otherwise your unnecessarily getting the visitor to download way too much image size on their browser making every image on the page slow down the load time. If you have a busy page. This adds up fast.

3. Video content via YouTube / Vimeo

If you are using video content on your website (which is advisable) or at least using it on your social media channels.

But if you’ve decided to get some videos made and put on your website then I’d suggest using the benefits of search engine giant YouTube (which will also help with Google ranking) or use Vimeo or another decent video service.

Most video hosting providers have really good CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) in place. Which basically means they have servers all over the world to deliver your content quicker to someone that’s based in America than the UK based servers.

Essentially the video giants have spent a lot of money developing and delivering your content at high quality and speed. Also with the added search benefits. Sometimes it’s better to use them than slow your site down with self hosted video.

4. Website hosting

This is probably the most tricky to get right. You never fully know how good a web hosting company is until you have actually tried to use it. And every hosting company will say they are the fastest hosting company.

So here you have to either: Rely on someone you know that can vouch for them. Or if they have a website on that hosting platform. Put their site through the Speed-tests above so you can see for yourself.

However, wherever you live. I would advise that is where you get your hosting from so if you live in the UK make sure you don’t get American hosting.

5. CDN (Content Delivery Network)

This one is in my opinion only worth doing if you deliver your content world wide. I’ve done many tests on using CDNs and if you have properly optimised your website and only deliver content to your country, it’s actually going to cause more harm than good.

Especially if you use one of the cheaper or even free content delivery networks. It can make all your nice new hard earned speed and just throw it right in the bin.

Any Questions?

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