7 Reasons Why Blogging Is Super Important And How To Get Started

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Before I get started on the 7 Reasons. I have to tell you what has happened with my business. Now I have to say blogging, marketing and promoting your business is mad important.

What happened with my business? I became “too busy” to blog and market and promote myself. (Nice problem to have) However, the work and projects were great but they weren’t long-term. So although I was busy and became part of another business. It wasn’t going to last forever.

I stopped blogging. I stopped promoting and how will people know I exist? Well… They won’t.

I looked back at all my old blog posts. And my business has changed and I’ve changed. I’ve grown and developed new skills and new ways of doing things.

I became better!

I became more knowledgeable thanks to training.

So keeping my super old blog posts wouldn’t make sense. So I’ve removed them rather than trying to update them.

Which, brings us to reason number one.

Reason 1: Promote Yourself & Your Business!

As I mentioned. How will people find your business? You’ve just built a fancy new website. You’ve just launched some new offers? You have learned something new and exciting that will massively benefit your customers and clients? How will they know unless you tell them?

Having a blog gives you a reason to post something new to your website and share it with the world. And who knows what you’re writing about might be the thing your next customer is looking for / wanting help with! 

Reason 2: To Build Community Around Your Interests And Products / Services.

Blogs are a powerful way to build a community around your niche and give readers an opportunity to engage with you and your brand.

Social media and blogs work well together. A blog post with a link to the social media page will most likely get more engagements than just a Facebook or Twitter post.

Reason 3: To Develop Your Author Voice

Author voice is the personality that comes through your writing. It is the tone, the style, and how you write.

So blogging helps you to hone that voice and gives you a platform where you can really get your personality across to your audience.

Reason 4: To Create a Platform for Yourself and Your Work

Blogging is a great way to create a platform for yourself and your work. It increases the chances of being discovered by your target audience(see reason 1), creates brand awareness, and helps you build relationships with influencers in your niche.

Bloggers should start by creating a blog and filling it up with quality content. They should also make sure to include their bio on the blog’s homepage or sidebar so that readers know who they are and what they do.

Reason 5: To Be Consistent & Work On New Content Ideas Constantly

The 4th reason is to be consistent and work on new content ideas constantly.

This is the most underrated, and the most important one of all.

You don’t necessarily even need to write something specific to do with your business. A post all about your and your hobbies and interests can really help to build trust with your audience.

This is one of the main areas I need to make sure I focus on moving forwards with the business. 

I’m always training and developing myself to better my business and help me develop our client’s businesses. 

So be consistent with your blogging!

Reason 6: Write For Your Audience But Diversify For More Visibility

We briefly mentioned this in the last reason.

A blog post is a self-contained piece of content that is related to your brand and business. It can be written on any topic, as long as it engages with your audience. In order to create high-quality posts for your blog, you need to write about what you know and educate yourself on new topics that are relevant to people in your industry. This way, you can help prospects learn from your expertise without them having to spend the time seeking information elsewhere.

In order to engage readers and increase visitors to your blog posts, it is important that you diversify what type of content you publish on a regular basis. For example, if all of your posts are on the same topic. You’re very quickly going to run out of things to write about. You’re also not going to reach a wider audience if you stick to the same topic.

Reason 7: It Gets People To Your Website!!!

What is the point in marketing online and having a website if no one has a reason to visit? 

Literally zero! 

Social Media is a great tool to share your expertise. But you can easily share your blogs on social media.

Think of your website as the hub to your marketing.

Start getting people to visit it!

It’s where you list your services. 

It’s where you list your products.

It’s how you bring people more into your world and show you know what you’re doing.


Get blogging!

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