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Who Are Odin Media?

We are a full service digital agency – The team here at Odin Media are constantly striving for absolute perfection in every project that they are involved in.

We are the Gods of the Web and know what is working now and how to grow your business!

How would you like to sit in the hall of heroes? 

Michael Little

Head Honcho & All Father

Starting out at a young age in web development and all things coding. He went on to become a graphic designer at an agency learning that invaluable eye for design!

Seeing a gap in the market with how to help small to medium-sized businesses and the types of service to provide, he set up ODIN Media.

Michael has a vast experience of what converts and what doesn’t from the design and development of the page and when you team him up with the wordsmith wizard that is Gareth Jones… The war is won!

The competitive nature that Michael grew up around (Two Older Brothers) He will strive to get the best results possible. Making that page load speed faster than the lightning from Thor’s Hammer.

In his spare time, You will find Michael running up and down a football pitch or beating a heavy bag into submission. Has a love for Chicken and Pepsi Max like you wouldn’t believe. And getting those chicken dinners on Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is all but too easy.

In another life, Gareth provides freelance copywriting and marketing services to gaming, technology and SaaS businesses worldwide under the guise of The Copy Crypt – but when he ascends to ODIN Media, he becomes…

Well, he pretty much stays the same, to be honest!

The Man Behind the Words, Gareth delivers years of copywriting expertise to every ODIN project, ensuring any who enlist the help of the Gods find themselves blessed with copy that shines like a beacon in their market… and, more importantly, sells.

With a range of experience marketing in many different sectors and formats, Gareth’s technical know-how and conversion-focused insight form a core pillar of the successes we’re able to offer our clients.

In his spare time, Gareth is a board game addict with a penchant for bourbon, chicken wings, dissecting the human condition, and anything to do with horror. Whether these are all related, we can’t say.

Gareth Jones

Copy Chief and Marketing Berserker

Just a few of the powers we possess here at ODIN Media

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