I’ve helped a large number of businesses to set up websites and sales funnels over the years. And one thing is clear to me.


Clean design WINS.

Yes we all love flashy animations and cool looking things. But at the end of the day, we just want customers!

That’s why you want to plan exactly what your business needs then build your pages to reach your goal.

I’ve met hundreds of people with really good ideas over the years and one of the, if not the biggest hurdles?


Everyone struggles with what technology works with what. Does this connect with that?

Well don’t worry if you’re using these tools it should be everything you need and the beauty is it all connects with everything you’ll need.

No more worrying that going down one rabbit hole to find it doesn’t connect with the others.

So where do we start?



We need somewhere to host our website.

If you’re UK based spend a bit more and get yourself the best hosting and support you could ever possibly want. I’ve tried others that my clients use and every time I come back to Siteground being the absolute best on the market.

Once you’ve got yourself hosting we will need to Install WordPress. Really easy to setup and the support guys at Siteground will even help you with this if you get stuck.

We will need a website theme now for WordPress and we want a really decent easy to use drag and drop builder. The one I use for client website builds and sales funnels is Divi.

It’s easy to use and it’s coded to an incredible standard. They are always improving and releasing new layouts 100% get this now. And I would recommend getting the lifetime option this goes up in price all the time when they first founded the company 7-8 years ago the lifetime license was £19.

They also have a number of handy video guides to help guide you in how the builder works and how to put things together.

Lead Capture

Obviously we will need somewhere to all the leads. So grab an account on MailChimp. They’ve made huge advances in their software and you get your first 2,000 contacts free. IDEAL 😀


Then You’ll want to setup PayPal and Stripe to take payments through your sales funnels. They are quick and easy to setup and don’t charge too much. Some people will only buy things via PayPal. Others don’t want to setup a PayPal account and just want to use their Credit Card. So get both to cover all bases.

These things alone will see you in a much better position than you know! There are more tools that you could benefit from using but these base ones I 100% recommend and we use them on every client build we do now.

Have a specific goal or need. Submit to the gods and we will bless you with our wisdom. Or you know… Point you in the direction of more great tools to benefit your business.

We would love to work with you!

We’re always happy to have a chat, so just reach out and say hi