Be the gold medalist in your business

Do you want to be a gold medalist in your business?

So unless you live in a cave with no connection to anyone you will have noticed that the Rio Olympics has been happening. First off I would just like to say how amazing we have done coming second in the medals table with 27 Golds, 23 Silvers and 17 Bronze medals. What was also amazing was the number of British athletes to successfully defend their title 4 years on from London to win Gold again. Which is obviously a fantastic achievement to maintain focus and drive to do it

That’s the main reason of this post. It’s to draw the attention to what these athletes go through every day to make sure that they are at the top of their game. Training hard every day in the build up to compete against people around the world wanting the exact same thing. So that is the question I am putting to you. Do you want to be a gold medalist? Are you willing to put in the effort each and every day to make your business a success? Do you have a strategy or plan for your business as well as your personal development? If you think that you can just turn up and win then you will never win the gold. Make a plan, build a strategy. Go for Gold!


What are your current marketing strategies?

I talk about strategies as they are super important to have with your business. If you do not have a plan in place you don’t ever really know what you are aiming for, or if you are achieving anything. That is why it’s essential to plan this all out. What are you heading towards? What is your gold medal? Have an end target. Make a plan. Make it happen!

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