This post was made purely for a notification to you to be careful who you get to do your SEO. It’s definitely a long term strategy but one that no business should overlook. There are a lot of marketing professionals out there that will tell you it’s dead and a waste of time, energy and money. They couldn’t be more wrong! They just don’t understand it and therefore think it’s worthless. But this topic of is it dead or isn’t it wasn’t really the point of this blog post so I will skip past this point for the minute and maybe pick it up with another post in the coming weeks.

The point for this post was to inform you all of the SEO pirates that are out their lurking in the waters. Essentially you will find a few different types, one of which are the ones using black hat techniques and hacks to try and trick Google to rank your website more highly. These are a breed of pirates that are becoming less and less effective as Google have been working very hard to stop any of their hacks from working great news for people doing it properly.

But the main pirate I want to tell you about today we will call Woolly Jim. Now Woolly Jim wants you to think he is doing a fantastic job. He is doing everything by the book no black hat techniques here! So what is Woolly Jim doing wrong? Well he’s pulling the wool over your eyes as you are paying him as the professional to handle and manage your SEO. But he wants you to think he’s doing a cracking job and said he would get you to page one or even to the top of page one. But here is the woolly part. Sadly I came across an old friend and client that had moved to a new company and he asked me to check out some things for him. Now yes they were getting to the top of Google for some of these search terms that Woolly Jim had said and no word of a lie there they were. But when you actually looked at the large amount of things they were being ranked for not one of the 10-15 ranking terms that they were ranking for were actually being searched. At all!!! None, No searches, Not one.

So if you’re paying someone to handle your SEO just make sure that the terms that you are actually getting ranked for is something that people are actually typing into Google. Being number one is great, but if no one is looking for you, there is literally no advantage of being there.

Take it easy, maybe go ask your SEO person how many people are searching for your keywords and phrases – I hope that you are not aboard a pirateship captained by Woolly Jim.