Website backups explained

Website Backups - made easy So I am sure that you have heard this from a large number of people in the business world. Your website needs to be backed up. Depending on how regularly you update it with new content gives you a good indication on how often you need to...

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Web page load speed

Web Page Load Speed Could Be Affecting Your Business This is a very underestimated topic when it comes to web design. Quite often the main areas of interest will revolve around what the website is going to look like and how the flow and customer journey is. Don't get...

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Re-branding & Name Change

Happy Birthday... Odin Media? Another year past... Where the hell did that go??? It's just gone by so fast. There has been a huge amount happened in the past year. But one of the biggest changes for the business has been the recent name change. And the change in...

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Still not mobile friendly?

Mobile Friendly Websites There is literally NO reason why your website is not Mobile Friendly. The amount of people now using tablets or mobile phones to browse and consume content just keeps continuing to rise. However, when I'm browsing around the internet I seem to...

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