Still not mobile friendly?

Mobile Friendly Websites There is literally NO reason why your website is not Mobile Friendly. The amount of people now using tablets or mobile phones to browse and consume content just keeps continuing to rise. However, when I'm browsing around the internet I seem to...

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SSL Encrypted Websites

What is SSL Encryption? SSL Certificates are used on websites to secure data and information being passed between user and website. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https that you will see before www. Typically, SSL is used to secure...

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Beware SEO Pirates

This post was made purely for a notification to you to be careful who you get to do your SEO. It’s definitely a long term strategy but one that no business should overlook. There are a lot of marketing professionals out there that will tell you it’s dead and a waste...

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Get Your Salon Website Generating You Clients

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