Don’t Think of Your Website as a Website

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The word website and what it means for a business is often very misunderstood. A lot of people think that a website is just an expensive brochure. And that’s because a lot of websites are, or at least they were. They don’t do anything else other than give a bit of information about your products or services. The key problem is that marketers now describe the customer journey as a “funnel” and terms like: Landing pages, opt in pages, Sales pages and product pages. And the “cost” of having a website built is by agency terms very expensive.

However, a website shouldn’t be seen as a brochure anymore as that is no longer the case. Yes when they first were built that’s what most of them were. But now you can build multiple funnels into your website for all of your products and services. You can use it as a marketing tool to post useful information to your potential clients and customers by way of a blog post (like this one).

So when you invest in a website now don’t accept anything that can’t be easily adaptable to suit your change in market place or setting up a new product or way to market it.

Let’s look at some points about having a great website that can adapt, grow, change to support bringing in new clients and customers.

How to React to Changes in the Market or Competition?

In order to be successful in any business, one should be able to react to changes in the market or competition. This is because markets and competition are always changing and one should be ready for any eventuality. One of the best things about being a smaller business compared to a massive one like Apple. Is the ability to adapt and make changes quickly without having to go through hours of meetings.

So if your market is changing because of new technology or supplements you can quickly change your offering, how you’re positioned and ultimately how you can serve your customers in the best way possible. The great news is if you have a decent website you can easily, build a new funnel or edit an existing one. Add a new blog post that discusses the new points in your industry and how you help your customers.

How do you know if your website is actually any good?

The fact that you can add as many funnels (customer journeys) as you like is one reason. Another is you can be seen as a stable and strong business that knows what it’s talking about in your industry. But the main reason is you can use it as a powerful foundation for your businesses marketing. Yes, having an offer and sales funnel is good. Of course it is. Having an opt in page to grow a list of potential buyers that you can send regular emails too is also great!

Putting out posts on social media is awesome and a great way to keep in touch with your potential customers is obviously a good thing. However, if you had a place where you can send people to grab the information you’re sharing in the way of a blog post or news article. Where more of that same useful amazing information is easy for your customers to engage with should they want too. Why would you not do that? Example: Here’s this blog post… (oh did you know while you’re here we have this super handy checklist that can help you with XYZ) “Oooh that would help me I’ll grab this now”. Or another example: Here’s this blog post… “I wish there was a way they could help me with this issue” (Want to know how we could help you solve these issues you’re having – Arrange a call with us today) “Oh damn that’s perfect”.

Conclusion: Start Thinking About Your Business Plan & Changing How You Operate

There are a huge number of ways and reasons that getting people to your website if it’s setup properly can MASSIVELY benefit your business. So why are you just building one-off funnels on a platform that you don’t even own? Owning your website & Sales Funnel and why it’s essential.

Get those customer journeys (funnels) built into your website that you own and have full control of. That you can easily send traffic too and have them see that not only are you a great and well established business. But you’re also offering help and have a tonne more content to help them.

Do you need a better website (Full Digital Marketing Solution) Or do you need your first website?

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