Double Sales With Great Web Design

We were approached by a business to help them out with their website and bring it up to a newer modern level. They had been in business for around 15 years and were doing well. However, they still didn’t even have a proper company logo or brand. So after coming up with a brand identity and logo we set to work building the new website for their business. It’s been incredible to see the results and the massive increase in sales and boosting their bottom line.

Customer Perception – Plays A Big Part

I was phoned up out of the blue by an old customer of theirs (who also happens to be into website design). He was very impressed with the new look and feel of the website and said

“The website when I first found them looked old, tired and made them look like a cheap bargain basement. However, with the new website design and company branding they look like a genuine big player”

This was great feedback for a couple of reasons, it made me know that our team had done a cracking job building the website and giving the company a brand identity. He had taken time out of his day to just phone for no other reason than to say well done on a good job. Finally, he is also a website designer so to have this coming from him was great to hear.

Brand Identity and Impact

Getting your company branding correct for your customers is so important just using this as an example they in a simple change of design and identity they have changed perception of their customers from “bargain basement, to genuine company”.

How do your customers see your business?

If you are looking to double sales and want to know if your web design is fine as it is then we could have a look at other things such as your digital strategy and email marketing campaigns.