Filling your salon without any marketing or advertising spend…

Not having money for advertising is possibly something that hits everyone and obviously you don’t want to spend more on advertising that it makes you.

However, you can get your salon filled easily with some creativity around offers. Simply put with everyone’s children going back to school soon. Running a simple FREE ‘back to school’ haircut day is actually a great way to fill your salon. Write a post on social media or your website and have people like and share the post. Then just turn up on the day to claim their free haircut for their children.

If you do a good job and have reasonable prices you can bet your arse they will be back in 2-3 months when they need another haircut as you did such a great job on their ‘back to school’ cut that little Jimmy got complimented on all day and felt awesome. Or the fact you were so happy and friendly that their children absolutely loved getting their haircut by you.

Also, how great would it be if you had some promotional leaflets to give to the mums and dads waiting for little Jimmy to get his haircut… If they come back in and get their haircut next week you’ll give them a discount on a cut and blowdry? 

You’re essentially using the asset that is your salon to get bums on seats for 1 day and not spending a penny in doing so… You’re essentially using your skills to buy yourself clients with a bit of your time. What a fantastic idea! 

Why don’t you pick a day to get some free footfall into your business and also some free social proof promotion. What if you made one of the conditions that they tag you in a post on their fantastic back to school haircuts and what an amazing job you did? 

Pick a day give yourself a good 5 days to promote it and smash it out there for everyone to get to your salon next week.

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