Even Gods Take Holidays, You Know

Alright… so it’s been quite a while since we updated the blog with epic tales of our exploits – the exciting projects we’ve been working on, behind the scenes hilarity and useful tips and observations to spark your own ideas for ruling the digital roost in your own business…

Quite a while, indeed.

Well, we’re sorry about that, but we have good news…

Because owing to our brief hiatus (what are a few short months in the lifetime of the gods, eh?)…

We have found ourselves!

Is that a bit woo-woo? After all, “How does one find oneself?” (Answers on a postcard, please.)

Sadly, we didn’t spend our time sitting cross-legged on frosty peaks and surrounded by mountain goats – nor existing solely on sunlight whilst sitting on our heads and suffering dehydration fever-dreams.

On a more serious note, our disappearance is owing to the fact that we took a step back to analyse the business, find out what was working, what wasn’t working, and how we could adjust and improve toward a sustainable future.

A future that not only keeps the people we serve feeling, as always, that they’re seated in the realm of the gods – but a future that also keeps the people behind Odin Media, whose talents and effort make the business what it is, excited and motivated to be here every day.

So we’re kind of lying when we say it was a holiday. We weren’t sipping fishbowl cocktails by the beach with our feet up. Becoming as busy as we did, with multiple large projects serving different businesses, pushed us to maximum capacity – and we realised, as external communications ground to a halt with all hands on deck internally, that we didn’t really have a solid direction for our own business.

That’s a harsh dose of reality to deal with, especially at such a challenging time, so we did what we had to do: We’ve searched long and hard both inside and outside, and even found a new business partner that shares our forward vision.

And now we’re working hard to put it into action!

We have not forsaken you: The Gods are back to bless you all with gifts.

For the foreseeable future we will be offering FREE 5-minute homepage and landing page critiques, utilising our design skills and the copy and conversion skills of some of our new partners. We’ll go over what you have in place, and recommend simple tweaks you could make to kick your online bounty up a few notches.

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(Unless you stun us with total perfection. This hasn’t happened yet, but there’s a first time for everything!)

If you would like us to bless you with our wisdom, then head over to the form here and make your offering.

Or just send us your web address and the best email to reach you on. Either works.


Onward to glory!
– The Odin Media Team

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