Your WordPress Site Slow AF?

There are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to websites and load speeds. And as we know we have just 5 seconds for someone to make a decision on whether you have what they are looking for? So Branding and your Messaging are KEY to success. However, what plays a big part? Your websites load speed. If you’re website is taking longer than 5 seconds to load. You can bet they won’t even hang around. Ideally you want your site loading as fast as possible. But if it’s taking longer than a couple of seconds you’re losing traffic and potential sales. So what can we do to get your WordPress Website loading faster.

Step 1: Plugin Removal

Remove unnecessary plugins that load in code which slows down the speed of your website. You need to weigh up the function of the plugin over its increased load time for your site. If it’s not helping to increase conversion rates bin it off. It’s not worth it.

Step 2: Compressing Plugins.

There are a few plugins you can add that help minify scripts and help optimise your site to load faster here are a couple I’ve used and have massively helped to speed up a website:

WP Fastest Cache:

They have a free version and a paid for version. Give the free version a try and see how much it helps before investing further into their paid plugin.

Image compression you can use a couple.

For those of you that have a lot of imagery already uploaded give Smush a try:

That will optimise the imagery already uploaded. If you want to compress all future uploads Give TINYPNG a go:

Image compression and code caching is something that should really be done by default to get your website firing on all cylinders and loading quickly.

Step 3: Website Hosting

Now this one takes a bit longer to do and takes more research before jumping in but spending a bit more for decent support on your hosting for me is worth every penny and reduction in tech headaches. For me I’d recommend Siteground I moved over to them 3 years ago and I’ve not had an issue that they couldn’t solve in under 15 mins. I’m not saying this is the ONLY choice but it’s the only one I will personally recommend.

They have very fast servers and amazing support. 24/7 live chat is a literal godsend.

Step 4: WordPress Theme

Now this one is harder to play with, however, the way in which a theme is coded plays a HUGE part in the load speed of your website. And some do not play nicely with compression plugins. I’ve used the Divi theme ever since it launched and I’ve had sites loading in crazy times using it. It’s a great theme. Again as with the hosting I’m sure there are other themes out there that work really well but this is the only one off the shelf that I will personally recommend here today.

Step 5: CDN (Content Delivery Network)

I leave this one to last purely due to the price outlay you need for a decent one. If you’re a local business. Serving only clients in the UK or US for example. I don’t feel you NEED a CDN. This is purely for helping deliver your content around the globe in a decent speed. But I found using a CDN (Cheaper and free ones) actually hurt the load speed as the servers they were using were slow AF so take care and do plenty of tests before and after implementing a CDN if you’re thinking of using one.

REMEMBER: Take care and as ALWAYS take a website backup before making ANY changes to your website. Shit unfortunately does happen. And you save yourself a huge balls up just by having a backup in place.

Test your website speed: There are a couple of ways to test your website speed.

GTMetrix: You can create an account on here and test on a server that’s more local to you the default one if you don’t create and account is located in Vancouver Canada.

Google Page Speed Insights: This is obviously a good one to test on as Google is what will be ranking your websites positioning for SEO so if you’re getting a shit score here you can safely bet that’s going to have a negative impact on your SEO positioning. (There are a lot more ranking factors but every little helps)

If you have any other questions or if anyone else has found some decent plugins they can recommend please fill up the comments below 🙂

Get sprinting yo!