Want to capture potential clients details now for when you reopen and be ahead of the competition?

Start using this time now to build a Local Business Website.

Use your time to grow your business today

Landing page to start capturing client details now.

Help engaging with your audience during this time.

Frozen payments until you re-open.

Local business website ready for when you are.


“We are absolutely thrilled with our new website for Charles Academy of Dance. The brief was followed very closely and we are very happy with the end result. The new site looks clean, smart, professional and runs really efficiently. Thank you Michael for all your hard work and effort in producing a great new site for us!”

– Amy & Matt Charles

Charles Academy of Dance

Local Business Website

It’s a full lock down and it’s not good to have to close the doors to your customers. However, the business is still open! You can now use this time effectively to market your business, get new leads and sign up new customers for when you can open your doors again.

If you read the negative stuff all the time you will yourself become negative. You’ll say how you have no control of things. But in this situation, neither do your competitors. They are going through the exact same thing that everyone else is.

How can you use this time effectively?

Start to build an email list!

Build a website to build your marketing around

Communicate with all your current customers

Share your abilities with potential new customers

Having all this time now you can look at getting some of the important things above done.

Your Facebook page is great to have. But you are limited by Facebook algorithm saying whether people can actually see your posts. If they are on an email list? They can all see your emails. 

How Can We Help?

Build a landing page for you to start collecting leads for when you can finally reopen.

Help with engaging your audience during this time.

Website hosting / Email hosting

We will Freeze all future payments until you can reopen. Meaning you pay nothing else until you can open your doors.

Help build your website during this downtime.

Start Growing a Marketing Asset while you have the time to do so! 

Stop relying on word of mouth alone to market your business as you have no control of the amount of new business you can get through this. 

We will give advice on best way to write / layout your new website in a way that sells your services. Again, so when you can reopen your doors, you’re ready with a full website and marketing plan.