Happy Birthday… Odin Media?

Another year past… Where the hell did that go??? It’s just gone by so fast. There has been a huge amount happened in the past year. But one of the biggest changes for the business has been the recent name change. And the change in direction that the company is moving in.

ReBranding & Name Change

I’m not sure if you have ever looked at your business or company name some years on from when you initially set it up and think to yourself… Do I even still like that? But I can’t change it everyone know’s me as that… Well I have been trading as Loinim Media for 4 years but on my businesses 4th birthday I decided that it was no longer suitable for the business and what I was trying to achieve. Since changing the branding and the name of the company I have had nothing but good feedback.


Reasons for change?

Well I guess the two main reasons were:

  1. Nobody seemed to be able to pronounce the old name.
  2. Nobody could spell the old name.

When you are holding a name thinking that people know you as that name and you don’t want to lose it because of this. Believe me when you’ve been working with companies for a couple of years and they still can’t spell or pronounce your company name there is a bit of a problem.

The main reason for wanting to keep the name is the fact that the name was established well on Google and I wouldn’t be competing with anyone else for the name. Whereas now I just don’t see that is a strong enough reason to have all the additional problems that come with it.

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