Attention Business Owners

How would you like to get more clients, slash expenses, stamp out stress and free up time in your business all while making MORE money than ever before?

Well that’s good news, let Odin show you how!

The “joys” of marketing online

Now, picture the scene, you’ve jumped onto your website to see your homepage doesn’t look right today… so you hit up Google hoping for a simple fix. The next thing you hit? Your head against your desk, because the answers you find don’t even sound like English.

You spend the next few days trying different things! FINALLY you’ve fixed it. Only to find you’ve broken something else and your website now loads slower than a dying turtle. Your potential customers are now going to the business round the corner because their website actually loads.

Despite all this, YES! Someone’s booked through your online booking system. Only to find it’s broken and they didn’t leave a contact number. What an absolute nightmare!

So back to Google we go again to try and fix this mess… Your forehead’s starting to feel real sore now. Seriously… that pulsating vein is not a good look.

Does that sound familiar?

It certainly did for Luke… and if it does for you, you’ll want to hear what he has to say about being in a similar position:

“I was always confused with what I needed to do to get my website up and running properly. I found myself engulfed in dozens of websites which all had a slightly different ways of doing things.

Whilst I attempted to fix all of my technical issues I spent less time working on my actual business.  I’m not technically minded so I was trying to learn everything from scratch.

I was going back and forth between different websites, plugins and advice about how to build my membership site which ended up costing me not just time but money as well.

Eventually I came across Michael and Odin who stopped me from wasting any more time and told me exactly what I needed to do to get my membership site working effectively.

They took all the work off my shoulders and finished it quicker than I could ever imagine which allowed me to focus on my business and start making money again.

I honestly can’t recommend Odin’s services enough!”

Introducing Odin’s Customer Generating Websites

The #1 solution for marketing your business online.

All designed to optimise your website so you can keep scaling your business and keep generating your business with new clients. Here are the key features you’ll find in every Odin Media website:

Key Features In Every Odin Media Website

Mobile Friendly

Odin Websites are built with mobiles in mind. Your customers can use your site on their phone or sitting at home on their computer!

SSL Certificate

Google takes no prisioners. If you don’t have an SSL certificate you need one. We will make sure this is set up and working to help with your SEO and customer peace of mind.

Super-fast Hosting

Odin use super-fast hosting with all of our sites! It is fast, reliable with 99% uptime, and includes DAILY backups!

Full Site Analytics

Google Analytics fully integrated gives insight into how your customers view and interact with your website, if you’re on a monthly package we will generate reports and recommend next steps.

Email and Lead Capture

Tailored forms to help get your customer’s info to generate leads and sales! *Integrated with your chosen CRM system i.e mailchimp/active campaign*

Font End Page Editor

Need to make a change to your website? Your price list? Opening Hours? You can do this easily live on the front end *Help videos provided*

7 Day Website Support

Customers could be looking at your website at any time of day on any given day. If something goes wrong or you need help we do our best to answer within 24 hours of your contact.

WordPress Built

Odin use the WordPress platform to build all of our websites. Giving you an easy experience and you’re safe knowing it’s built on the most popular Content Management System.

We don’t set it and forget it

Like most web design agencies, we factor this in and manage and maintain your website for 12 months to ensure you get the best out of it once we launch your website. 

  • Regular Site Backups
  • Updates to site/ plugins/ content
  • Monitoring traffic (website visits)/ conversions
  • Building of lead/ sales pages

This all sounds great. But at what cost?

We want to help as many salons as possible so we have tried to make our service as affordable as possible. So for a small investment of £199 /mo for 12 months to get regular clients from your online marketing we feel that’s such a tiny investment. 

Hell yeah!

Well, you’ve made the decision you want to massively increase the number of clients you get through your online marketing efforts for the first 10 people that take us up on this offer we are going to work with you for just £99 /mo for 12 months! You’d have to be crazy not to jump on this offer.