Mobile Friendly Websites

There is literally NO reason why your website is not Mobile Friendly. The amount of people now using tablets or mobile phones to browse and consume content just keeps continuing to rise. However, when I’m browsing around the internet I seem to keep coming across a vast amount of websites that are not mobile friendly. These range from small independent business owners to larger companies with big budgets.

Why you NEED a mobile friendly website

There are so many reasons for needing a mobile friendly website. I think the most obvious reason is for your customers. Providing your customers with the ability to look for your website and the information and content that you are displaying for them on any device just makes sense. If they are trying to access your information and they have to do that really annoying zoom in to see the info on the page (I’m sure you have probably done this before). They may grow frustrated and leave your website. If one of your competitors has a mobile friendly website you might be losing business to them.

Another strong reason for getting a mobile friendly website is your websites positioning on Google. If someone is searching on Google not only does Google prioritise mobile friendly websites over those that aren’t you also get a handy indicator badge to let everyone know that it’s going to display well on their device.

So again, if by doing something that is going to have a really good impact on customer usability and also give you a boost in Google why are all websites not yet mobile friendly? I’m completely lost when it comes to knowing why it’s taking so long for everyone to sort their websites out for mobiles and tablets.

If you are needing help with your website or thinking of having your very first one built for your business then please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us to help you.