The Traffic I actually get excited to see…

I am of course talking about traffic (visitors) to your website. 

Do you have a lot of it or not very much?

Does it bounce on the first page?

Does the first page even load for them? 

Do they go to another page get lost and leave? 

If the answers to the above are all good then you’re totally smashing it. 

If you have no idea how much traffic is even visiting your website let alone what happens to it once they arrive. Then should you even have a website? 

A website is a marketing / advertising tool. It’s your online shop window. 

Imagine that you’re walking down the high street. And you’re looking for something you look at the shop front to your right. It’s just a white blank wall with a loading bar… you gunna stand there and wait? Fuck no you’re going to keep walking and try to find what you’re looking for. 

You look left. And just see a complete mess! None of the headlines speak to you! None of them mention what you’re looking for… the search continues. 

If you had some data for all the people walking down the internets high street. Wouldn’t it be awesome to not only see how many people had looked at your shop front. But if you knew exactly what you had to change to get them to come in, look around and even spend money with you? 

Well you can! 

Best part? 

It’s free! 

That’s right just install Google Analytics and let that collect some data for you to look over. You can literally do this today. So don’t waste anymore time wondering if your website is working. When you can easily find out. Install it now and check the data at the end of the month. 

It takes no time at all. So why are you waiting? Just do it!

Do you want more website leads?

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