Have A Website Built With The Power Of Odin And The Strength Of Thor!

With A Fully Responsive, Mobile Friendly, Fast Website To Take Your Business And Income To The Next Level

Did you know that if your website loads in less than 2 seconds you get 40% more traffic compared to a site that takes longer?  Which means a lot more sales for you and your business.

That is one of the many ‘geeky’ things we understand here at Odin.  Where we have seen people such as yourself who have either got a website already, or need one for their business but not aware of how important these stats can be for you.

Or how much time it can save you working on your business rather than in your business.

How much money businesses make when they have a website which responds well on mobile so customers can navigate around the website.

Alongside having a website which appears near the top of Google so that people can actually find you when they want to buy your product or services.

Get A Website Which Makes You Money And Saves Time

Us guys here at Odin take all the stress and worry away from Entrepreneurs like yourself and do it all for you…as simple as that.

We will provide the following;

  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly to allow your customers a high quality user experience
  • WordPress built
  • SEO optimised
  • Web traffic analytics so you can see where all your leads are coming from
  • All relevant and appropriate plug ins installed

That way you can sleep at night because you know your website is up and ready for your product launch the next day.

Would You Pick David Or Goliath?

Or even better, would you prefer the brain of David inside the body of Goliath?  That’s how we see ourselves in the computer world.  A team of enthusiastic passionate geeks who just love to build awesome websites.

I (Michael – CEO of Odin) have been playing chess since I was 2 years old, coding since 13 and building websites since 15.  After entering the digital world officially at a design agency I realised I wanted to do my own thing, probably similar to you reading this.

Then we have Danny who is the service manager ensuring that all of our customers are happy with the websites we build, the security we provide and anything involved in keeping a smile on your face at all times.

We have helped 100’s of small business owners get their websites up and running over the years.  We pride ourselves to make sure that our customers receive a greater service then they ever initially expected.

So you can make more money, have less stress and a better website than anyone else in their market.

Showcase All Your Products And Services In One Easy To Use Site

  • Get a super-fast website that loads In less than 2 seconds every time
  • A site which is compatible across all platforms so your customers can see your site anytime
  • SEO optimised so you can get your site onto Google for an increase in sales
  • Web stats so you know exactly what is and what isn’t working to save money
  • Upload any new blogs, media, products and videos onto your site with no hassle.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Jennifer was one of our recent customers who runs her own business.

“I felt like my measly unprofessional website was turning away customers, it didn’t look very appealing so I had to do something about it.

I found Michael online and decided to use Odin’s services and it completely changed my business.  I wish I had found them sooner to be honest.

I have wasted so many hours to do the most menial tasks but now I have more time to coach my clients and deliver my service instead of worrying about all the technical jargon.

Funnily enough ever since I had the website relaunched I have had more and more business since.”

It’s Time To Take Your Business Up A Level

Put aside the technical language for one moment with the geeky things we will be doing to your site and let us tell you the TWO most powerful benefits you will get as a return.

An Increase in profits and a glitch free website.

Which is exactly what you need to ensure that you can keep growing your business.  We’re willing to bet even Odin and Thor would start to notice the power your business is bringing to the marketplace.

Saying that, we provide an absolute 100% money back on all of our services so if you aren’t happy with the product or service that you received then you can have your money back and we will face the wrath of the Gods.

Whatever The Budget We Have You Covered

We appreciate you may be on a budget, or that you may only want specific help on your site so we have a variety of options for you below to make sure we can help you out.


5 Page Website


Full Campaign


  1. I Already Have A Website Built, Can You Optimise What I Already Have Without Losing My Data?

Of course, we will ensure that everything has been backed up before working on your website.  That way we ensure you never lose any data.  In fact, if you haven’t got a file backup system in place we will give you recommendations so that you know your site is protected for life.

  1. I Haven’t Got A Website Yet And I’m Unsure What I Need, Can You Help?

Absolutely.  We see too many people build websites with functions and tools that they don’t even need, when we start working together we will get a brief from yourself to make sure that we are aware of what your business is looking to achieve and provide you with only the tools necessary.

  1. Why Can’t I Just Build My Website Myself, What Makes Your Services Any Better?

You can absolutely build your own website if you like, but there is a reason why you are reading this page.  Too many people waste time on doing the things they aren’t good at, whilst neglecting the stuff they love and thrive on.

Would you rather be spending hours upon hours learning how to build a website hoping you are doing it right or focusing on the market, sales and product development ensuring that you are growing your business.


We would love to work with you!

If you give us more of an idea about your business and your project then we can call you to discuss.

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