Web Page Load Speed

Web Page Load Speed Could Be Affecting Your Business

This is a very underestimated topic when it comes to web design. Quite often the main areas of interest will revolve around what the website is going to look like and how the flow and customer journey is. Don’t get me wrong that is all very important. However, it’s a topic that has never been raised to me by a client.

It is vital that your website is optimised efficiently to provide the maximum results, you have 7 seconds to catch someones attention so if your website takes 5 seconds to load you dramatically reduce that window of opportunity to catch your customers attention. This is even more important when your customers are trying to access your website via mobile. Not only do you need to consider your website being mobile friendly. Load speed plays a huge part when loading on a mobile device as it’s naturally going to load slower even when connecting to wifi.

Google Loves Optimised Websites

It’s a well known fact that Google is constantly updating algorithms to provide the BEST search results for people looking for particular content online. So when it comes to a website that is optimised for SEO that obviously plays the biggest part in getting ranked, however, if two sites of equal content came head to head. The one that is optimised and loads faster delivering content faster to Googles clients using search you can take a wild guess at which one will come out on top.

Check Your Web Page Load Speeds

Best thing to do now is use a tool to check how well your website loads. It’s not just to benefit your position in Google it’s also about creating the best possible user experience for your clients. If you were waiting ages for a website to load you would either be annoyed about how long it takes to load. Or probably most likely you would look somewhere else (Be honest).

Here is a great tool for checking how well your website is optimised and how quickly it loads:


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