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Website Backups – made easy

So I am sure that you have heard this from a large number of people in the business world. Your website needs to be backed up. Depending on how regularly you update it with new content gives you a good indication on how often you need to make backups of it.

If you are running a WordPress website there are plugins available to install that can automate this process for you. A very popular plugin with a fair number of installs and great reviews is.


My Hosting Company Does Backups?

This is true for a fair number of hosting companies doing automated backups of your website. I’m never too sure how good or accurate these will be. But if you are like me and you want to have as many backups as possible for peace of mind then please read on.

I want to do it manually to make sure it’s done!

You might not be running WordPress. Or even if you are and you want to make sure 100% that your website is backed up you will need to do a few things first would be to email your hosting provider and and ask for ftp access and access to phpMyAdmin or access to download your database.

With these two things you’re almost there. Next thing to do is to get an ftp client. The one I use is filezilla. It’s been reliable to me to backup websites and install new ones. It’s Free and works on both PC and Mac.

Another one with popularity on Mac is CyberDuck I think it’s also available on Windows now also. Which ever you choose they should both work fine.

filezilla details

So what do you need to do?

Once you enter in your ftp details into the chosen client you should be able to access your websites files and do a backup and download all the files to a folder on your computer.


You normally don’t have to enter a specific port number, however, if you have been given one by your hosting company you might as well pop it in.

Once you have done this you need to login and do a backup of your database. Again depending on your hosting company they might have a client portal this is on or it could be through cpanel. If this post gets enough comments or requests. I’d be happy to do a video cast to show step by step how to backup your website.

If you are struggling to get your head around the tech and just want to make sure it’s all backed up for you get in touch with what you need and what your website is built on and we will help you to get it all backed up and sorted.

Website Backup

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