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Seriously increase sales through your website

With the help of the website Gods.

A website isn’t just a “presence” or online business card…

It’s a marketing tool!

And it should be invested in accordingly.

Marketing is an INVESTMENT in the Growth of your business… Not an expense or overhead.



How would you like peace of mind that said marketing tool is kept up to date, fully secure and backed up every single day?

Wouldn’t it also be amazing to get a report each month showing you how much traffic you’ve received, where you are ranking for certain keywords in Google and have us optimise your website to capitalise on these reports?


Better User Experience

This seriously increases your conversion rates.


Super Fast Page Load Speeds

Don’t bore your visitors into a coma before they even get a chance to read your copy.

Increased Authority Positioning

Be seen as THE number one choice in your idustry.

Comfort knowing your website is fully secure

This is as much a benefit to you as it is to your customers.

Wordpress / Plugin / Theme Updates

Don’t get left behind in the dust.

Security & Backups

Fully protected from all the shit storms.
Super Fast, Reliable Hosting – with 99.9% uptime. No one ever wants their website to go down. We monitor all our sites and we’ve made sure we deliver on our promise of stability.
WordPress Plugin / Theme Updates – We will regularly test and update all of your plugins and WordPress installation, so you don’t miss any security updates or let anything fall to ruin. (We’ve all been there.)
Security & Backups – We’ll make sure you’re up to date with the most secure plugins and take monthly backups of your website. If anything goes horribly wrong, for whatever reason, a site backup is drum roll a godsend. We wouldn’t be gods if we didn’t keep them to hand, and we’ll get you back on your feet in no time.

And I mean who wouldn’t want our resident shieldmaiden, Herja (pictured here), looking after the security of their website? I wouldn’t want to try to mess with security that badass!