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Marketing And Sales

Having a truly godlike web presence sadly doesn’t begin and end with a beautiful website alone.

Yes – a fully functional, meticulously planned and optimised site will greatly increase your chances of landing new clients and customers with each visit…

But you have to get people to your site first!

After all – if nobody can see your stupendous offers, then nobody’s going to buy them, right?

That’s where the all-seeing eyes of the ODIN Media Gods are once again here to help.

Just like we do with our strategic approach to design, ODIN’s warband will take an in-depth look at your marketing needs as dictated by your business goals, your customer base, and your available resources – all with a view to maximising ROI on any of your campaigns.

We’ll find out who your customers (really) are, where they’re hanging out (whether online or offline), what they truly want from you (not what you think they want) and what they need to hear if they’re going to take action and put their faith in your business.

And then, with in-depth marketing knowledge and the words of our sales berserkers from the realm of advertising and copywriting, we’ll create digital or physical campaigns that finally have a positive impact on your bottom line – instead of feeling like you’re feeding your budget into an endless void.

ODIN’s Marketing Services Include:

  • Facebook Advertising Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Sales Pages
  • Direct Mail
  • Print or Online Static Ads
  • Case Study Creation
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • Digital Funnel Strategy and Setup

All with the same unique spin and personality you need to stand out amongst the crowd and consistently attract a lasting, devoted customer base.

And unlike so many other agencies and solo providers offering marketing and sales services, if we don’t feel we can accurately nail your audience or produce the kind of advertising you would need to succeed…

We won’t sign you up. (Don’t worry… if we refuse, it’s because of us, not you.)

But you’ll still walk away with our best advice, and the knowledge of where you should go next – free of charge, no matter how much time we put into discovering it just wouldn’t work between us.

Because we’re the kind of gods who care about everyone.

To schedule a chat about your marketing needs, click here and fill in our contact form. We’ll get in touch as soon as we can to start your journey into the Hall of Heroes!


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