Just like accessible design, clean and clear messaging is a must on your site.

In today’s online world, there’s no room for misunderstanding or delays. With a million different things grasping for your prospect’s interest at any one time, attention is hard to grab – and even harder to keep.

So like Mercury, the winged messenger god, you have to get your point across in the blink of an eye!

This makes two things important: Your writing, and your site’s speed.

First, the writing…

Do you like vanilla? It’s perfectly fine if you do… but there are so many more flavours out there.

And we bet you don’t taste like vanilla.

Why present yourself just like everybody else? Your business is unique – with its own offers, its own ethos, and its own attitude.

Whether or not you’ve truly discovered what it is yet, you have your own flavour – and getting that across is how you’ll stand out amongst your competition.

If you’ve been looking at your competitors and thinking “They’re doing well… how can I sound just like them?”…



Odin will help you discover your flavour and inject more of your unique personality into your messaging. Why do customers pick you over anyone else? What makes you better? What do your prospects need to hear from you, and how can you say it with your own standout style?

Stop copying, and start showing what makes you YOU.

Do anything else, and you’re destined to blend into the crowd – to disappear amongst the throng, just another nameless, face-down combatant when all is said and done.

That’s not how legends are born. Is it?

Is it?

Of course not. Now let us hear your battle cry!

Whoa – that’s a good one! But before you get too excited… we did mention something else, didn’t we?


At Odin Media, we make sure your website delivers your finely-crafted message as quickly as Mercury zaps his way across the world.

Get both of these elements nailed down, along with superb design, and you have one certifiably godlike website!

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