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Optimisation And Support

How optimised is your business?

Now, we don’t mean internally – stuff like “we reduced idle time by 48% by purchasing a faster coffee machine.”

No… we’re talking about your online presence.

If we asked you how much traffic you get to your site each week, for example..

How well the action-oriented pages on your site convert visitors into leads and customers…

Or which piece of your online marketing pulls in the most return…

Would you be able to confidently answer with what’s working and what is actually causing potential leads and buyers to go elsewhere?

If you’re being honest, and you answered “no”


You’re Not Alone. Not By A Long Shot.

That’s why every project that Odin Media takes on includes at least 3 months of optimisation and support following the launch of your new site and campaign.

You want maximum results – and so do we. Through persistent user monitoring, including statistical analysis, heat maps and interaction recordings, we maintain a “God’s Eye” view of your site and perform ongoing, conversion-boosting changes and tests based on the data we uncover.

With regular performance reports always keeping you in the loop, Odin Media is the one place you can be sure you won’t be deserted on a sinking ship once your site goes live.

Things can, in fact, only get better.

And if you’d like a little further peace of mind with ongoing support on the technical side – including regular updates and backups of your precious digital real estate – you can consider it done.

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