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Before the fancy designs…

Before the smart messaging…

Before the finely targeted advertising…

Comes the number one key component of ANY business.


Because without a strategy in place – without a beginning, a designated process and a defined end – you’re entering the fight and leaving any sense of direction behind.

You might land a few hits, make a few smart moves… but your luck will run out sooner or later.

And then what?

Just like wars are won on the battlefield or a game of chess on the board, strategy is the backbone of any true success – and your business needs the right one if you’re to achieve your goals.

Because you don’t come from the left, when your opponent is weak to the right.

Do you?

You don’t approach from the rear when your adversary has proven strongest at their flank.

That would be suicide!

And you certainly don’t turn up for a raging battle wearing only your pyjamas and armed with a twig.

To ensure you get it right, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your objectives and build your strategy before we build anything else.

That’s good for you – for the reasons already described. It’s also good for us – because it gives a clear direction for your digital ascension.

Which is also good for you, actually – because when the process is smooth as silk, you don’t have to spend your time worrying about what’s going on and dealing with endless questions and prototypes seeking your approval.


You just focus on your business while we work on getting you where you need to be…

Much like we did with one client who had a respectable market share, but no branding and an unattractive, unfriendly website.

Odin branded their business, blessed them with a consumer-facing image and website that functioned miraculously well, and made further strategic suggestions. This propelled them to heights they had never seen in their 12 years in business.

How high did it take them, exactly?

It added a massive £1million to their turnover in just 12 months, boosting them to £1.8m.

(Yes, that’s more than double their initial position.)

This would never have happened without strategic thought. We took the time to know their perfect customer avatar, and what those potential buyers would want to see if they were to make larger purchases.

The great products and excellent customer service were already there – they merely required a strategy behind them to increase conversions… all with a minimum of effort from the business.

So, be honest – do you have a genuine strategy in your business? Or are you wandering around in your pyjamas, swinging your twig and hoping your luck holds out for one more week?

You know the answer…

And if you’d like to exchange those pyjamas for a suit of armour and a big ol’ broadaxe…

Plus the strategy with which you can put them to devastating work…

Get in touch with Odin today, and let’s make your tomorrow a formidable one.

We would love to work with you!

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