Why Building Your List Is The Most Important Thing You Should Already Be Doing

This is something I’ve known about for an extremely long period of time. We have nearly been in business for 7 years and something I’ve always told my clients is ‘this a MUST do in your business’. Yet, here I am 7 years on only just starting to actively put together a list of past customers, as well as a list of people currently interested in our skill sets and services. 

I would say that being able to contact past customers is key to not only see how they are getting on, but to also remind them (on a regular basis) that you are there and can help them as soon as they are ready for any of the services you provide. Through regular contact, you’re top-of-mind. So, should they want a spray tan a couple of weeks after you have done a cut and blow dry, and that’s also a service you provide, being on their mind benefits you and subsequently your business.

Keeping in touch doesn’t necessarily have to mean putting out special offers to bring them back. However, this can be a great way to show loyalty and get repeat business. It shows that you are thinking of your customers and appreciate their custom. Naturally, letting them know that you care about them and are readily available, should they need you, is always a good thing!

How can you build a list and stay in touch?

Building a list is relatively easy to do, which is why if you’re not already doing it you should spend some time soon really putting it together. I would recommend an email list being your go-to way of interacting with your customers. By simply spending one day putting together content, you can organise your communication with them over the next week or month and have an email system send this out for you, providing you with a very helpful communicative tool in which you can maintain contact with your clients.

Do we recommend any systems?

Yes, below are a couple I would recommend looking into:

  • Active Campaign 
  • Mailchimp

Personally, I am leaning towards Active Campaign, as the scalability with pricing is probably the best available right now. Not only that, it is simple to set up and you can even get a walk through from the team at Active Campaign to help you get everything working how you need it.

Do you communicate with your clients via text messages? There are also systems that allow you to do a bulk send to everyone. For example, setting up a system where, X number of days after a haircut, a simple reminder is sent out to get their booking in early with you as you are already filling up on bookings for the month. Reiterating that being on top-of-mind can naturally increase your clientele. 

Can you record walk ins?

You could have an “offer” for them to come back and receive ‘X amount off’ their next visit by taking an email address off them when they visit you. This is a great way to not only get a repeat visit from a customer, but allows you to grow your list of people that you can market to about other services you have. In addition to this, it can allow you to introduce new services and offers your salon now provides to past customers in your email list. 

All of this takes time.

Of course this takes time to set up. So, in the meantime, a great place to start is by putting together a simple spreadsheet of client details before setting yourself up an Active Campaign account.

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