Why Live Chat Could Mean Less Leads Through Your Website

I’ve seen many articles recently about the most important features you MUST have to get leads through your website. 

One of the top rated things to put on your website is either Live Chat or the Facebook Messenger Live Chat. 

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not telling you to remove live chat from your website. Or telling you to not get live chat. It can help create leads and even help to make a sale right off the bat. However, I don’t feel saying you must have live chat to get leads is helpful advice. 

It all comes down to your audience. If you feel your audience is very very unlikely to want to use live chat why would you have it? “But what if one person might use it one day? Surely having it is better than not?” 

Well, no actually…

Live chat will cause your website to load slower with than without it. And in terms of not only conversion but also ranking in Google, that extra load speed can make a huge difference. 

So yes if you know your audience (you should btw) and you know they will reach out via live chat. Then it would be good to have it. If they are unlikely to then don’t just install it because it’s working to get leads in other businesses, as it’s going to actually have a negative effect on yours. 

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