Celebrating Our Best Full-Service Digital Agency Award by including a full website design and build in the VIP plan for FREE.

Do you want a website that converts visitors to your website into paying customers? 

If you sign up to the VIP plan today you can grab yourself a website that will do just that. And the cost of the website build for your business? £0, nada, ziltch!

Yes we have been told we are crazy to do this. But we love to see our clients businesses thrive! With all the help and support from us along the way after the new website goes live. 

We aren’t sure how long we will keep this offer on the table. So grab it now before it’s gone!

Think of our care plans like a gym membership / coaching plan for your business.

Without it your business becomes lazy and flabby.

With it.

It becomes fit, active & healthy.

Struggling to find the time to “train” your business and get it healthy and bringing in clients like a well oiled machine? Well that’s where we come in so you don’t have too.

We will get your business smashing the competition 

Want to jump in?

Website and Email Hosting (Website Load Speed)

With our system you will have your website(s) hosted and email accounts hosted on a fast server and we will even do a speed audit of your website and install plugins to get your site loading as fast as possible to help you benefit with high conversions. There are a bunch of studies that have pointed load speed as one of the BIGGEST factors in conversions.

How would you like to be trying to find solutions to problems to find the website you’re looking at for answers is delivering them to you slower than a turtle going uphill. You’re not going to stick around, neither are your customers! Luckily we will run analysis on the site apply caching put it on our fast servers and get it loading faster than the millennium falcon.

Updates To All Plugins & WordPress

We know that keeping on top of everything in business is hard work. Imagine adding to that with making sure that you need to regularly keep your website updated to help prevent against hacking. Updates in technology and how it all links up and works? Or you update something in a hurry to find it’s broken your website! OMG NOOOOO ALL IS LOST… Luckily we take care of that too giving you full peace of mind.

Website Traffic Reporting

Ever wondered who is finding their way to your website? And where they found it from? Wonder no more! With a monthly report that will show what pages are getting the most attention and if they are moving around the site and taking action. This is great as it shows where improvements can be made.

Website Backups

Picture this, someone learns a new hack to take down your website and hold you hostage. Or installs some malicious code which puts Viagra ads all over the place. Good job you have a full backup of your website before they got their grubby little mitts on it! In just a few clicks we will have you back online safe and functioning as normal!

Fixes & Updates

You need to make some changes to your website. But you’ve forgotten your logins again. That update you made has just broken how everything lines up you’re now pulling out all your hair as you didn’t have time to update it yourself anyway. Now you have to try and put it right… Wouldn’t it be great to know you can ping requests for updates over to Odin who sorts it out while you focus on running your business.

Creating New Pages

You’ve seen the services such as leadpages / clickfunnels. You’ve been told you need them to make sales pages and opt-ins. But you still have to look at designs and try to cobble together a page that looks good… Then link it up with the autoresponder you just put together… Ugh why?! Oh wait… You made the smart choice to become a VIP of Odin. Now you can grab that cup of coco and sit infront of the fire… (if only) But at least you don’t have all that extra stress on your head! 

Adding New Features

As your business starts expanding wouldn’t it be great if your website could evolve with it? Without having to pay a chunky fee to get things developed every time. When you’re a VIP of Odin if you need a new feature adding like Facebook Live chat. Or you want to add payment options to get some online shop sales in place. Have a discussion with us and we will get it set up for you.

Recommended Changes

When we generate the reports for your business as a VIP, we will look at the reports and put forward to you recommended changes that we feel you could benefit from making to your website. From how we can leverage traffic to a certain page. Or get you to double down on your Facebook marketing efforts. 

Our Care Plans

* If you stay on the plan for 12 months the website is then yours to take with you if you want to leave the care plan. If you want to take the website and go before the 12 months. You can simply pay the remaining balance and it’s yours to take.