Don’t Let Tech Problems Stop Your Business Dead!

You’re feeling stuck!

You have a great product or service. But, you’re stuck!

You know you need to build that list.

You know you need to offer that free download.

You know you need to email people regularly to sell your product or service.

You need that sales page linked to a payment gateway.

But you can’t afford a developer to set it all up for you.

The monthly costs of these DIY services seem too high… What if it doesn’t sell right away? I can’t afford that!

Don’t Panic!

You don’t need these headaches!

I can give you all the tech tools you need.

And show you how to set everything up in easy to follow step by step videos.

Everyone is saying what you need to do but no one shows how to do it.

Well if you can set up a Facebook account and post on Facebook.

You can follow this course and set everything up.

“But I’m scared of tech”

Well, the great news is I will be your mentor holding your hand through getting everything you need set up.

You’re not alone struggling away trying to piece together tech which doesn’t connect with the other recommended service.

I tell you all the tools you need. And how to link them up.

And You won’t be paying £100’s each month on tools you don’t actually need.

We will get you set up with the correct tools from the get-go and keep the monthly costs to an absolute minimum so you can build your business without any financial burden.

Using WordPress as our main platform and tool to expand with. With our WordPress Mastery course, you will learn

How To:

  • Source Website Hosting and Install WordPress.
  • Build, manage and maintain your own WordPress website with Pages – Blogs – Products.
  • Link with a CRM to Build your Email List.
  • Set up Lead and Sales Pages.
  • Optimise your pages for Conversion.

We will hand hold you through setting up an entire customer journey from start to finish. You’ll never struggle with tech problems again.

No more roadblocks!

No more brick walls!

No more wondering what tools to use!

No more stress that you’re making no progress!

Luke was getting bogged down too…

Luke-Nevill“I was always confused with what I needed to do to get my website get up and running properly.  I found myself engulfed in dozens of websites which all had a slightly different ways of doing things.

Whilst I attempted to fix all of my technical issues I spent less time working on my actual business.  I’m not technically minded so I was trying to learn everything from scratch.

I was going back and forth between different websites, plugins and advice about how to build my membership site which ended up costing me not just time but money as well.

Eventually, I came across Michael and Odin who stopped me wasting any more time and told me exactly what I needed to do to get my membership site working effectively.

They took all the work off my shoulders and finished it quicker than I could ever imagine which allowed me to focus on my business and start making money again.

I honestly can’t recommend Odin’s services enough!”

Since helping out Luke we’ve made this course for these exact reasons.

Too many people struggling to find the right tools.

And how to actually set them up.


Stop stressing…

Get the help you need to set up correctly.

We’ve tried to make this accessible to everyone as you’ll need to pick up a few tools along the way.

So you can pick this up for just £99.

Not to mention our 100% money back guarantee! If you aren’t happy with what you’ve seen, you can request a full refund with no questions asked and no hard feelings.